Flying with Sea Eagles

The eagle ray closest to me noticed my presence but did not power off. Instead, it swiveled its head towards me and held my gaze. Wings extended gracefully, I could feel the silken flap of its fin against my shoulder as it maneuvered gently past.

Eye of the Tiger

Dawn patrol check on the eastern edge of the Main Lagoon. The data the lab collects from these 24-hour long line surveys will help determine if Bimini is a nursery ground for tiger sharks.

Hammer Time

We have been baiting for an hour and all we have encountered are nurse sharks and the occasional jack. Occupied by their foraging below, my back is turned away from the boat. “Kara! Turn around!” Swiveling, I come face to face with a great hammerhead.

To Catch a Stingray

Just off our bow, I see a large patch of raised sand beneath the mangroves. Closing in, a whip-like tail and spiracles become visible under the silt.

S.S. Sapona

Bimini is an island of shipwrecks. Some intentionally abandoned, others cast away and run aground by the force of hurricanes.

Family Shark Dive

I can see them finning before I enter the water. Even without bait the reef sharks are already in position.

The big business of hearables

Start ups and electronic powerhouses such as Samsung and Apple are investing in tech that can control your noise environment.

The Price of Beauty

Commands in Nepalese fly back and forth across the Gramercy nail salon as customers are shuffled from one station to another.

Urban “Bio-Blitz”

New York City is home to more plant and animal species than Yellowstone National Park, and the world’s fastest animal—the Peregrine Falcon. Within New York City’s five boroughs exist lush urban jungles with many fruitful ecological surprises.

Mark Aldenderfer: A Modern Indiana Jones

“I’m sitting around this fire hearth in the Andes that is over 10,000 years old and I think to myself who were these people, what was their life like? It’s about the sense of discovery, fundamentally the rush of finding something new and different that nobody has seen in the last 5, 10, 20,000 years,” Aldenderfer said.