Monique Sosnowski

Monique Sosnowski is part of a new and emerging criminology field which investigates organized crime syndicates that profit off the exploitation of wild animals.

World Wildlife Day celebrates “Life Below Water”​

“If someone were to ask me, how much of your heart do you want to protect? Would 10 percent be enough? Would 30 percent be enough? I have to say I would want 100 percent of my heart protected,” Dr. Sylvia Earle said.

The Price of Beauty

Commands in Nepalese fly back and forth across the Gramercy nail salon as customers are shuffled from one station to another.

Mark Aldenderfer: A Modern Indiana Jones

“I’m sitting around this fire hearth in the Andes that is over 10,000 years old and I think to myself who were these people, what was their life like? It’s about the sense of discovery, fundamentally the rush of finding something new and different that nobody has seen in the last 5, 10, 20,000 years,” Aldenderfer said.

Photographs of Another New York

“While Mr. Seelie’s work documents events and situations that may seem to be weird for weirdness’ sake, the best of his images elevate mere weirdness to a more striking real of visual intrigue.”