Monique Sosnowski

Monique Sosnowski is part of a new and emerging criminology field which investigates organized crime syndicates that profit off the exploitation of wild animals.

Angelique Pouponneau

Angelique Pouponneau believes she is an example of what happens when you give Seychellois women, particularly young women opportunities: you create the possibility of driving significant change.

Inka Cresswell

Inka Cresswell is a wildlife filmmaker documenting the state of the world’s oceans. Working alongside the BBC Natural History Unit, she hopes to inspire the public to safeguard marine ecosystems for future generations.

Maya Santangelo

Maya Santangelo is an Australasian Rolex Scholar and undersea specialist with Lindblad Expeditions. She assisted in the creation of a virtual reality film about mobula rays which aided in their protection under CITES.

Anne-Marie Asselin

Anne-Marie Asselin is the founder of The Blue Organization, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness through multimedia and collaborations.

Jenny Bortoluzzi

Jenny Bortoluzzi is a marine ecology researcher, specializing in the population ecology of large marine predators. She is interested in the nexus of fisheries management and marine conservation.

Sophie Hollingsworth

Sophie Hollingsworth is a yacht captain and founder of AquaAid International. Her adventures have led her on descents of uncharted rivers in Madagascar, desert transect treks in Namibia, and ethnographic research in Vanuatu.

Liz Goetzl

Liz Goetzl is a marine mammal researcher and veterinary technician at Dolphin Island Care in the Florida Keys.

Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin is a wildlife researcher and presenter for LUSH cosmetics, BBC and most recently Al Jazeera.

Gabrielle Corradino

Gabrielle Corradino is a National Geographic Explorer and ecologist passionate about marine science, organism behavior and education.

World Wildlife Day celebrates “Life Below Water”​

“If someone were to ask me, how much of your heart do you want to protect? Would 10 percent be enough? Would 30 percent be enough? I have to say I would want 100 percent of my heart protected,” Dr. Sylvia Earle said.